Stress Free Glue-ups

Who writes these headlines? Clearly it can be no one who has ever actually been in a glue-up. I know I didn’t write this banner although my name comes after it as the author of an article on gluing. It brings to mind a point I continue to make to new woodworkers. Don’t believe what you read.

I remember I was in a literature class back in college, a Victorian literature class. I was making a point in a debate about a book and I finished my brilliant summation with the phrase: “it said so in the book”.
So there.

My teacher turned to me and said: “You actually believe what you read in books?” I felt all the wind go from my sails. My debating adversary smirked at me and I shut up.

The point is that with all information, including these scribblings, you need to sift through it for the pertinent stuff and let the fluff, the advertising, the non-factual, the drivel go by. Like that headline. Too often young woodworkers want to know “the way.” Not three possible very good ways, but “the way”. As if one way is the right way. It is most certainly not. Just as there is no one version of the truth.

The beauty of the woodshop and being at your own bench is that, within roughly defined parameters of craftsmanship, if it works and you like the method, it’s the right way. If it doesn’t work and you’re just stubborn, well that can be a part of woodworking too. But if you like the method and it works for you, then it’s the right method. It may not be anyone else’s method, but yours alone. But if you get the results you want, well that’s okay then. It’s one of the reasons we like this stuff. To make up our own rules to follow. Just don’t get waylaid by what you read.

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