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This worked so well for Chris Schwarz on his blog for his Sawing Class at the Studio this summer that I was urged, pushed, prodded, cajoled, and harangued to do the same. [Actually it was merely suggested to me to do the same and so I have.] So I want to mention a few things on the blog and skip, for today, some of the hard hitting issues that we usually take on such as gluing up. Hence:

We have five spots at the bench on April 7 or 8, the first five, no the first four after Sydney, so just four more are needed to come to a free, that’s right, free class on tuning up your dovetailing. Fine Woodworking Magazine in the person of Steve Scott will be in the Studio those days to shoot video and photos for both the FWW website and the magazine on the topic of fine tuning your hand cut dovetails.

It should be an interesting class as we will be trying to do much more than just introduce the topic. I will assume everyone has made a stab at the 15 minute dovetail. So we will be pushing each of you to do your very best work and helping you along the way in this endeavor by looking at your techniques for sawing, chiseling, and marking out. It should be great fun.

Did I mention that this was a free class? Well it is and you’re welcome to come on by. Drop us a note first to reserve your bench space.
But that brings me to the next topic which is about one of our other Summer classes on Building the Rogowski Stool, Sept. 22-26. This class was so popular last summer that we had to do a second class. But I don’t think that will be possible for this year. So we still have some spots left for this intermediate level class. It is a very challenging class mixing geometry, planning, routing mortises, fitting tenons, making precise wedges and
grinding out oak seats. Lots of hand tool work, lots of routing work, fuming white oak. It’s a great class. It’s a great project.

I’ve been making this stool since 1978 and every one of my friends or clients who has one is happy and living a fulfilled life. It’s true. It’s really that simple. So come on, quit stalling, make a commitment. I know you woodworkers are the worst procrastinators and I absolutely include myself in this group. [I will show you my 20 year old unfinished project sometime.]

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  1. And so you leave us with a great cliffhanger leading to your next post … “the 20-year-old unfinished project.” Now that you’ve brought it up, you’ve gotta tell us about it.
    — Bob

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