The Studio’s Demise

I’d like to thank everyone for logging on today and checking in. This will be the start of the last of my blogs I fear. I knew this day would come. That the pressures that have come to bear on me would prove too great. The demands of the Studio, my teaching, the regrettably small amount of work that comes off my bench, my writing. It’s all too much for one person. It has become too much for me.

I also have finally found the calling that suits my temperament and bearing. So yes, I will regrettably be shutting off this word stream in a few months and closing the Studio this Fall and embarking on my pursuit started so many years ago.

It is with no small measure of sadness that I will bid adieu to all the wonderful friends and students that I have met over the years. It is a constant reminder to me that this was a blessed journey. One that took me from my solitary bench and a hermit’s life to one of camaraderie, sharing, education, and friendship.

These are happy days then. Not sad ones. I will be letting the Shop Monitor take over for me until such time as I might actually return. But return I will someday. I can only hope I return someday. I cannot say when that day might be. Oh yes, I will return, perhaps a little wearied by my work, perhaps thinner for the exertion required, yes wiser for the continued effort. But happier, far happier. For what man can say that he has found his life’s true calling if he ignore it? If he says, it is not for him, it is for someone else to live that life. It’s not my life, it’s his or hers. They be the lucky ones. Not you.

Who can say this and feel complete? Not I. I have finally learned this. And so I will move on. Even at this time in my life. No longer young, but fit for what comes next. No longer spry, but ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead. I will go to complete my journey in life.

It’s a double role really. Quite like a major and a minor in college. So thank you to you all. I hope your best wishes travel with me.

I soon will begin my quest as a Beagle Hunter and Gatherer. This fall I hope to travel the world in pursuit of these elusive creatures in their native habitat. This will mean much time spent under blankets or comforters, or in the arms of couches recumbent. I will spend time in sleeping bags and with pillows properly propped. But I will search them out. Fear not. Where e’er they live, I will search for them. Hunting the elusive Beagle and Gathering all I can.

Armed with pepperoni sticks and wet food in hand, I will search for them. I will not rest until the Beagles are once again united as the proud herd we once knew that roamed over these lands. Hunting will be arduous. Searching out their track, trying to uncover their lairs, their snores the only hint of their presence. But like a mighty gaggle of geese when they arise from the waters of the lakes, a thunderous snrrking will be the beckoning sign of the snoring beagle band.

It is stirring! It is triumphant! I go to search them out and then to Gather. Gathering will be difficult as well. Herding cats is easier than herding the proud Beagle. In fact keeping the mighty Beagle in line is one of the unknown labors of Hercules. Never mentioned in myth or fable because he failed so abjectly.

But I will not give up. I will try to herd the mighty Beagle and bring them back. Back to their rightful place at the top of the valley, at the peaks of the summits, at the tops of the couches. The Westminster Kennel Club victory was only the first recognizable sign of their comeback. The Beagle is back! And I hope, as a humble servant of one, to aid and abet in this return in every way that I can. It is a noble calling. I hope you will wish me well. I go now to warm the Beagle blankets in the hope of Hunting and Gathering my first.

Wish me good fortune. Few come back from the Beagle Hunt unscathed.

Yours truly, Jimmy’s April foolin’ helper

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  2. Ah! The elusive Beagle. I wish you well in your pursuit. I wish you clean paths and lots of treats along the way! God speed, brave Beagle boy!

  3. Rag on a stick man..rag on a stick.


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