A Ramble About Reward

May 30, 2008

We sell T-shirts at the Studio. We also sell a lovely sweatshirt. Just in time for summer. Virginia has remarked upon the timing of my fashion decisions. But I think sweatshirts in summer are just as warm as in winter. Perhaps warmer. Perhaps fluffier. If fluffy is what you’re after in a sweatshirt. Some people need rags as well.

These people wear their sweatshirts to do their plumbing. I have been plumbing recently. Interesting word that. Plumbing. From the Latin, plumbum for lead. Plumbing:: to seal with lead. Which is what I’d like to do to the roto-rooter guy who put a hole in my pipes with his rooter. But I’m just daydreaming. Back to commerce.

We sell these T-shirts and sweat shirts out of no love for periwinkle or mocha. Color choices are very difficult as anyone who has seen me around a color chart knows. The Studio building will be a new shade of orange some time soon. And some other colors I can’t quite decide upon. But our shirts are lovely shades of denim and lime.

The new black of course is muddy brown or maybe it’s still black. How do the hipsters convince themselves they’re cool when they do such things to themselves? It’s a wonderment. We, the Studio, live next door to a hair salon central HQ. It is a beehive of activity. It really seems so. All these girls dressed in black, all in black, head to toe, every one of them. I guess those are the individualists. Wearing their black. Checking into the hive. To do whatever work these worker bees do there. Comment on their choice of black no doubt.

But at the Studio, we wear more than black. We wear greens, and blues, and I have a nice lovely yellow sweatshirt perfect for the country club no doubt that appeared a bit less yellow in the catalogue.

And so to appearances. This is one of the things that what wearing shirts is about: appearance. I want to give the appearance of wearing nice shirts and so I hope you’ll come by the Studio and at least look at the shirts. They will make a nice rag some day. But we also have classes. And about these you can have no doubt. We work hard to make these classes informative, fun, and rewarding. What reward means to you is different than for me.

I had a student in class once who was just pounding away on a project. Just pounding mallet on chisel. The results were less than stellar. I walked up to the student and I said, “You know, you might have better results if you didn’t hit the chisel so hard.” The student looked up at me and said, “I’m enjoying this.” There you have it. Can’t get better than enjoyment in class and so I had to leave him be to enjoy himself while destroying his piece of wood.

There are many reasons for coming to the Studio. One trusts that destruction is not primary on your list. Release, surcease, a respite from the calm. These we hope for. And we hope you buy a shirt. Thank you.

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