June 21, 2008

It is one of the marvelous days. The day the earth pivots. I imagine it as a some kind of teetering top or a ballerina on one toe, just angling back. On a rock so big, you can’t see it become round. And with a precision so breathtaking we can measure years on it. We tip back away from the sun. A marvel. The days grow short.

It is also the time for teachers to rejoice. School’s out for summer. Teachers seen to run wild in the street. Time to drink from the waters of rejuvenation. They need it. They certainly deserve it.

But for us, it is not the break, it’s just the breaks. We hit our summer class schedule running hard. For us it is a summer of education. Visiting teachers, students from around the world and from right down the street. For us, it is also the time to rejoice. Twelve hour days, learning gone wild with eager students. What a treat to have grateful students!

What do we give them? Education, lots of bench time, a time of respite from their world, a time of hard work that they wear proud like a new set of clothes. You see some folks sweating like they never do in their day job and that’s good work they’re doing. It’s hard some days planing a board flat, but it’s real. The results are immediate, both good and bad. You know right away whether you’re succeeding or failing at the bench. That’s called feedback.

This week we were hard at work learning joinery for building carcases. Next week we put frames together with the most basic of joints, the mortise and tenon. Good fun, lots of hand work and routers routing. We’ll build through wedged mallets and a saber leg foot stool. If there’s time, we’ll be onto the shave horse for some work with a draw knife as we make legs for a milking stool. Much to be learned while having some fun this summer. At the end of a day, it’s a good kind of tired to feel. Come join us at the Studio even just to sneak a peek at what we’re doing.

As we enter this period of hard work for the Studio, I have to beg any faithful readers’ indulgence. I’ll be hard at the teaching end of things for several months so the blogging will diminish some. Please check back as I’ll keep things going on a bi-weekly basis and resume a full schedule of musings come the autumn. Do good work.

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